Monday, 27 February 2012

slowly slowly

I was given some money and an insider tip for my birthday so I spent it on yarn! I had to drop my daughter and her friend to a birthday party on Saturday and went browsing in what can only be called an Alladdins Cave of wonder!

I am now very excited and happy to have such awesome yarn! By my choices I obviously have a varegated "thing" going on... See what I mean!

Feb 24th:

I LOVE this wool!


This ol screams "Nature" at me, and makes me think of a couple of friends of mine who I have been talking to online for a long time, but as they live so far away (Utah) I am not likely to get to see them soon!

They both have such love and respect for nature and the world around them... I've named this one "EARTHSTAR" and is my own pattern.

Slowly I am catching up!


  1. Oh so awesome! The colors remind me of the desert areas in southern Utah. My favorite toon's name (in that silly online game we play) is "Earthmist". This so so cool!!!