Sunday, 29 January 2012

January 29th Wagon Wheel Granny Square

This is the Wagon Wheel Granny Square and I love it! It's really quick to make, although it's terribly fiddly and weaving in the ends afterwards wasn't easy or much fun, but I think it's effective and pretty!

Three different colours - dark pink, bright pink and purple.


Hazel is my daughter, my oldest daughter but middle child who has a passion for making jewellery and cooking - especially baking! She is also just learning to knit and has decided to do her own "Leap year blanket" but by knitting. She is aiming for between 1 and 2 "squares" each month!

So today we started her own blog! Please pop to Hazel's Handmade Craft Blog and leave her a lovely message she'd be thrilled. Bear in mind she is 8 :)

The Leap Year Blanket

It's in interesting concept where you do a crochet square for each day of the year which you then join together to make a whole blanket. A huge year long project..

There is a wonderfully supportive Facebook group which I'm loving being part of. I'm not the most brilliant Crocheter/Hooker yet, but I am working on it and loving learning new stitches and new ways of the yarn.  I hook because I love it, not for any other reason.

Obviously I'm a bit late starting this blog, so there will be a few pics on this one to get me up to date!

So far this is Januarys offerings - some I love and some I'm not so pleased with, but it's all a learning curve...