Sunday, 22 April 2012

March 11 - 13

All taken from the Harmony book!

March 11th

March 12th

March 13th!

Friday, 20 April 2012


March 10th!!!!

I made this up as I went along and I'm really really pleased with the results! I love this! But I'm quite convinced I won't be able to recreate it properly!

Nearly double figures!

Simple patterns to help speed things up using lovely lovey yarn from stock ;)

March 6th

March 7th

March 8th

March 9th

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

March 4 + 5

March 4th: Beautiful yarn! I love this! It's soooo soft and varigated.

March 5th: Had to have a label one!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

March begins!

My endeavours to catch up begin!

I was given a lovely email copy of a book from a wonderful crafter so am taking these from that book Harmony Guide to Crochet

March 1st: Block Treble Stitch

May 2nd: Called Treble Block II

March 3rd: Shell Trellis Stitch

Friday, 13 April 2012

The end of February!

This is it! It's the end of February!! I know it's a bit late, but here the 29th February rectangle to fill in the strip which was left to make a BIG rectangle of Jan and Feb together! :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sooo far behind!

No, I haven't forgotten you and my blanket, but unfortunately life got in the way and I am now sooo far behind - over a month in fact. BUT I'm a hooker, I CAN and WILL do this and catch up.

Feb 27th:

Feb 28th:

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Feb 26th

I LOVE this wool! I have no idea what it is as it was a "bargain" from the fabulous wool shop and this photo is rubbish, but its green with flecks of other colours running through it. Blue, yellow, light green, red, purple and it's beautiful!

Monday, 27 February 2012

slowly slowly

I was given some money and an insider tip for my birthday so I spent it on yarn! I had to drop my daughter and her friend to a birthday party on Saturday and went browsing in what can only be called an Alladdins Cave of wonder!

I am now very excited and happy to have such awesome yarn! By my choices I obviously have a varegated "thing" going on... See what I mean!

Feb 24th:

I LOVE this wool!


This ol screams "Nature" at me, and makes me think of a couple of friends of mine who I have been talking to online for a long time, but as they live so far away (Utah) I am not likely to get to see them soon!

They both have such love and respect for nature and the world around them... I've named this one "EARTHSTAR" and is my own pattern.

Slowly I am catching up!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

so far behind!

Am really far behind and I don't know what happened! But here are some to be catching up...

Feb 20th - small filler, but a pretty one!

Feb 21 - bigger square with chunky lovely snuggly wool!

Feb 22 - yup, MY birthday! I haven't learnt how to crochet with 2 strands yet, and some of the cake patterns are SOOO complicated, so this is my attempt! It's turned out much better than I thought!

Feb 24th - small filler square

Yes, am very far behind!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Feb 19th

I made this one! I'm not sure how close it is to how it should be and it's really really fiddly, but overall I'm fairly happy with it! It's bright and colourful!

The pattern came CROCHET ME as the first in a free download book!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

February 17th and 18th

So yesterday was the 17th and I used grey scale and multi pink of the sidar wool to create this square. Based on a traditional granny sqare, simple but warm and snuggly! 

Needed a small fill square for a tiny problem area so I made up this one based on the celtic knot square which I have used before as it's quick and easy!

Still LOVING my Addi hook! :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

February 15th + 16th

For February 15th! Navy blue and purple, plain and simple granny square :)

For Feruary 16th:

I *love* this wool, it's so lovely! Sidar Spree Cotton rich.... soft and lovely and so very very pretty! Another self designed square.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day

Obviously I wanted to do a heart shape for Valentines Day, and I found a pattern on HEARTMADEBLESSINGS So I had a go, but I've gone terribly wrong somewhere and it doesn't sit flat at all. I am sure that when it's all attached in my blanket it'll be OK, but I'm really not happy with it... But I tried ;)

Monday, 13 February 2012

13th February

For 12th February

As my Princesses wanted to learn how to crochet a granny square I knocked this one up to show them how to do it!orange and grey - bright and cheerful...

For 13th February

After doing the "January" rectangle I had to have a February... So using double, half treble and treble stiches we have this with the letters crocheted on top.

It's a busy week with it being half term I'm going to try to get a bit ahead... I did say "try"!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

February 11th

In very excciting news my new Addi Hook arrived this morning, and it is a thing of beauty! I bought the5mm hook only purely as it's the size I have done my squares in so far and wanted to keep the same size.. I also only ordered the one to see if I liked using it! It may be pretty and rather fabulous to look at, but if it isn't comfortable to use then it doesn't matter if it's pink and sparkly if I can't use it!

I thought I'd take some different pictures rather than the standard images:

Please excuse my finger, but to get a "top shot" you have to hold it in place or it rolls over!

The next photo shows the curve on the side. I really wasn't sure I'd like it, but hey....

So.. I had to give it a go! I showed my Mother in Law (the person who taught me basic granny squares 11 years ago when I was expecting my first baby) who said that she didn't think that she'd be able to use it as she twists her hook as she's crocheting. I do the same, so was concerned, but I had to try it!

I think I love it!! It's very very different to the basic pony ones I've always used in the past, but I've found that I can crochet effectively, twist and my hand didn't hurt nearly as much as it has been up till now! I need to test it more, but at the moment I'm a very happy yarner!

So this is today's square with my new hook!

Friday, 10 February 2012

February 10th

This is my square for February 8th. I designed it myself and am pleased with how it turned out! It's actually bright pink, bright orange and very bright green!

February 9th Square

Pastel and little ;)

And here is todays Square, which puts me totally up to date!!! :) YAY!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

February 9th

Whilst I have been busy with RL stuff I haven't forgotten my blanket!

I have arthritis which makes my hands really really hurt (alnog with other bits, but its my hand which is the important bit for this blog...) So today I have ordered myself a present! I have ordered myself an ADDI SWING hook!I've read loads of reviews online and it appears to be a love it or hate it thing, a bit like Marmite. I love Marmite, so I thought I'd give it a go! I'll let you know how I get on!

Anyway the square for Feb 7th is one of my own creations, based on triples and chain 5 ;) really easy, really quick and I think it's really effective!

So, 2 more to catch up to today.... I *WILL* catch up! :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

February 6th - The Wheel Lattice Square

OK this one has taken me a while, not really sure why, but I know I got myself into a pickle.. But here it is the Wheel Lattice Square from Dayna's Crochet

I do like it, and it is the larger one. I think it's really pretty, but I did get into such a muddle during it!

Monday, 6 February 2012

February 5th

My son has a love of pineapples and after a day of being moaned at to get him a pineapple I was thrilled when I found this pattern called "Pineapple Granny"!

I found it on the Allcrafts page. I really like this one!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

February 1st - 4th

February 1st:

This is actually light brown with bright orange - not red as it looks. Traditional Granny Square inspired by a friend talking about Chocolate Orange Truffles. Being allergic to both dairy and orange it isn't something I partake in, but it still sounded delicious, so I made my own version ;)

February 2nd:

I thought I'd be brave and see what I could do without the aid of a trusty pattern. Apart from the traditional basic Granny Squares I haven't really made any of my own. So this is my pattern, created with triples and with chain stitches. Nothing fancy, but I think it's really pretty!

February 3rd:

Had to have one in "Yoda Green" according to my little people who picked the colour for this one!

February 4th:

Yup, we had snow! It looked like it would snow loads and as it was the most we've had all year I HAD to do a snowflake square! I can't claim for this to be my pattern as much as I would love to as it's lovely! But it comes from AuntieElle's Blog

Am hoping to catch up with today's tomorrow ;)

January finished!

OK I'm a bit behind (again) but I know I'll catch up.. I haven't been doing nothing I have finished and joined together the whole of January. OK I'm a bit behind (again) but I know I'll catch up.. I haven't been doing nothing I have finished and joined together the whole of January.

It's a bit squiffy, and nothing "matches" and I did have plans to then pick one style for each month of the rest of the year and make them at least matching in size, but I have to say that seeing this together I do actually really like the randomness of it all! I think I'm going to carry all all different and see how it goes! It's bright, it's colourful and it's different. Very much like my family!!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

January 29th Wagon Wheel Granny Square

This is the Wagon Wheel Granny Square and I love it! It's really quick to make, although it's terribly fiddly and weaving in the ends afterwards wasn't easy or much fun, but I think it's effective and pretty!

Three different colours - dark pink, bright pink and purple.


Hazel is my daughter, my oldest daughter but middle child who has a passion for making jewellery and cooking - especially baking! She is also just learning to knit and has decided to do her own "Leap year blanket" but by knitting. She is aiming for between 1 and 2 "squares" each month!

So today we started her own blog! Please pop to Hazel's Handmade Craft Blog and leave her a lovely message she'd be thrilled. Bear in mind she is 8 :)

The Leap Year Blanket

It's in interesting concept where you do a crochet square for each day of the year which you then join together to make a whole blanket. A huge year long project..

There is a wonderfully supportive Facebook group which I'm loving being part of. I'm not the most brilliant Crocheter/Hooker yet, but I am working on it and loving learning new stitches and new ways of the yarn.  I hook because I love it, not for any other reason.

Obviously I'm a bit late starting this blog, so there will be a few pics on this one to get me up to date!

So far this is Januarys offerings - some I love and some I'm not so pleased with, but it's all a learning curve...